Our program

Restoration Project is a vocational rehabilitation program for individuals with brain disorders and injuries. We teach the trades of furniture refinishing and upholstering to raise self-esteem and develop transferable work skills.

Furniture is especially suited to these goals. It is part of our everyday lives; restoring it, empowers us. Our training methods are based on education and therapy models that counteract neurological deficits and promote recovery.

If you came to Restoration Project you would see:

  • A quiet, peaceful place
  • Participants working on furniture independently or with a partner
  • Teachers also working on furniture providing help as needed; participants helping each other
  • Skilled community volunteers working beside participants; customers and visitors dropping in
  • Participants on break talking with our job developer in the break room or training with a volunteer in the gym

Participants come to Restoration Project with a referral from the MA Rehabilitation Commission or their high school special education programs. Each person works two days a week and receives a paycheck in proportion to their productivity.

Restoration Project is a transitional program. Participants progress to employment in their chosen field, (usually not refinishing or upholstering,) in six months to a year with the help of our career counselor and job developer.

MA Rehabilitation Commission, Veterans Services and Restoration Project are collaborating on a pilot program of vocational and support services for veterans with PTSD and TBI.