About Us

Restoration Project is an award-winning, nonprofit vocational rehabilitation program. We teach traditional methods of furniture restoration to adults with mental illness, head injuries, and at risk adolescents.

Our participants refinish and upholster furniture to build the confidence and workhabits needed for success. Furniture restoration is especiallysuited to this goal because it is difficult — and at the same time, so rewarding. Each job is broken into manageable, cumulative tasks to create something beautiful.

Graduates of our program accomplish a great deal. The skills our participants learn at Restoration Project are applicable to all aspects of life, and help our participants enjoy meaningful, fulfilling, and self-sustaining lives.

Since 1992, over 200 individuals have worked at Restoration Project, and 70% are currently employed, which represents years of employment for some. (In contrast, the national employment rate for adults with mental illness is 10%).

Restoration Project is the 2001 winner of the Lily Reintegration Award for Occupational Therapy.