About Us

About Restoration Project

Restoration Project is an award-winning nonprofit vocational rehabilitation program serving adults and adolescents with mental illnesses and brain injuries.

Our mission is to restore neurologically impaired individuals to self-sustaining lives by offering remedial, transitional employment in our workshop and store, preparing participants for meaningful jobs and integration into the community.

We are an independent single-service provider that is recognized and respected among larger state mental health providers. Program participants include, among others, adults with mental illnesses and brain injuries, high school special education students, and veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).


Restoration Project began in 1992 as a mother’s effort to employ one mentally ill son. The demand for vocational services was such that within four months, with the encouragement of his MA Rehabilitation Commission counselor, Restoration Project was incorporated and members of the area Department of Mental Health clubhouse were coming by van to work in their home shop.

As the program grew, it moved to an old mill in Acton, then to a industrial space in West Concord. It moved to its current location in Belmont in 2016.

New Belmont Location and Opening of the Second Hand Treasures Thrift Store

The new Belmont location, which opened in 2017, is more centrally located and accessible by public transportation to a larger population of the people we serve. It offers more space for the workshop and participants and enabled the addition of a thrift store, which serves as a training program in retail operations.

The thrift store also provides an additional source of funds to support the mission of Restoration Project.


Restoration Project staff members have years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. Some are former participants of Restoration Project, themselves.

Eloise Newell, (photo) founder and director of Restoration Project has been the guiding light and driving force behind Restoration Project since its inception in 1992.

Lori Kluender, Restoration Project thrift store manager, was brought onboard in 2017 to open and manage the thrift store. Lori is highly experienced at the many aspects of for-profit as well as nonprofit retail operation.

Our core staff  includes  Kathy Flynn, office administrator, and Nancy Guppy,  employment specialist, and a registered nurse.

In addition, volunteers and supporters play an important role in all areas of operations.

Our working Board of Directors provide expertise and guidance in all phases of our operations including disability advocacy, marketing, business, and finance.


Restoration Project is a past winner of the Lilly Reintegration Award for Occupational Therapy. Since 1993, over 300 individuals have worked at Restoration Project

If you are interested in joining Restoration Project as a participant, volunteer, donor, or board member, please email our director, Eloise Newell or contact her by phone at 617-489-1000.