Restoration Project is a vocational rehabilitation program for adolescents and adults with brain disorders and injuries. We teach the trades of furniture refinishing and upholstering and the applied skills of retail sales to build confidence and develop work skills that are transferable to any occupation.

Mindful handwork has calming and healing effects. In addition our training methods are based on education and therapy models that counteract neurological deficits and promote recovery.

Our Workshops

• They are a quiet, peaceful place
• Participants work on furnitures independently or with other volunteers
• Instructors also work on furnitures providing help when needed
• Customers and visitors drop in always.

Why Volunteer with us

Working in our retail store is often the second step in preparation for competitive employment.

Participants engage in every aspect of retail operations—receiving and processing donations, and displaying and selling merchandise, and interacting with customers and donors.

Participants progress to employment in their chosen fields in six months to a year with the help of our employment specialist.

We offer interest and aptitude test, individual counseling, pre-employment role playing and job-search assistance to help participants choose, find and keep competitive employment tailored to their individual needs.

Participants come with a referral from the MA Rehabilitation Commission or high school special education programs and work two days a week, receiving renumeration as per their productivity.